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Sofia Maria






I love interesting faces, especially old ones.

Meet Sofia Maria, goat herder. Isn't that some face?








I was driving north from La Serena in my 1-week rental car, and I spied Sofia riding her burro up on the hill above the highway.









I approached her, and we chatted for a while, then I drove on




Sofia has no family living with her.

She and her husband separated many years ago

She has several children who live 20 or 30 miles (30-50km) away

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And a ways down the road I looked back, and caught her in my sights again, bringing 'em on home





A couple of days later, returning south from Copiapo with a couple of hitch-hikiers--Luciana and Marcello-- we found Sofia's farm







and brought lunch to share with her







Sofia Holds Forth















Her house










Her kitchen

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