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Appropriate Technology

I'm always fascinated by instances of technology with the right scale and design

Valparaiso's ascensors (trams) are a good example

Since most of Valparaiso is built on hillsides, the two dozen or so ascensors are a godsend

True, they may be centuries old, and feel rickety...




...and you sometimes worry, knowing that the only thing that separates you from rolling into the sea, is this



But of course there are alternatives even to the ascensors.

You can


Start here and walk up,          then more stairs,   and more stairs,   then this walkway,      and this


Wait, you're not finished yet



      Just a few more stairs,        then a few more,      then a not-so-gentle incline,  and finally the last leg.

Not so bad; keeps you young





Delivering dry cleaning in Mendoza




Racks for holding garbage for pick up, in many towns in Argentina and Chile


The rats and the dogs are disappointed, but...








And a variation on that, near Papudo




Just north of La Serena, this semi-hermit brings in the fuel


In a number of towns I encountered the scooter culture

They're efficient to begin with, but add a second human, and...





...and a kid...




---even an infant...




...well, the whole family




Remember the neighborhood broom-maker from Turkey?





Well, this cat makes it even simpler

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