Mrauk U

Temples here, there, pretty much everywhere




Mrauk U is all about temples, as far as the tourist is concerned  


some shiny...



...some hairy



More than 150 of them in the town 





and surrounding hills










see all those stupas poised in the background?




One of the most prominent is Shite Thaung, temple of 80,000 Buddhas




thousands of small ones



and one pretty-good-sized one



One day I engaged Tunbo, a local man, to guide me to several temples


One was Mipharagri-gu

a rather small one




Tunbo with the caretaker of the pagoda




The elegant way to see the temples




or the frugal way

Tunbo and I bike to Koe Thaung



Graven images galore!



The next day Tunbo and his friend Shwe Da guided me to Shwe Taung, the highest temple in Mrauk U



with a grand view of the environs




Something more modest?



While on a neighborhood walk I met 38-year-old Phyu Phyu


She offered to show me more temples




So we set off walking



with her friend Ma Chay

and parasol

(the Burmese do not want to darken their skin)



along the way encountering many kids



Some of the temples presented only hewn stone, inside and out


Others, like this one, contained numerous works of exquisite beauty



including story panels

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