Walking Neighborhoods




While visiting Huong's family, she agreed to accompany me on a walk through their Muong Khuong neighborhood

We set off with Loan and Dung in tow



Soon we met Hong, who was just arriving home from shopping




She invited us in and showed us around



she has a hard life

her husband has a bad foot, and can't work much

she has had to do most of the work for the family




the bedroom


she has a daughter in college and a son in high school


all four sleep in this one bed



the kitchen

fairly primitive


she grows vegetables, to sell



she fixed tea for us, her hostpitality undiminished by her travails


we left her with a gift of money




I struck up a conversation with La Ta Sen



and as so often happens, I soon had curious onlookers


that big odd foreigner, ya know?


A little earlier I had come across three Hmong women





The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand




their dress and manners are quite distinctive


I saw many in Muong Khuong



Cao Tran Hung and his little friend



Plying the streets of Hanoi I came across Hab



with granddaughter Hien



who's that crazy falang with his hand on my shoulder?




How'd that get in here?



and Hom in Hoi An



who went bonkers with giggles when I planted one on her cheek


this is pushing the envelope in Vietnam


I like envelopes



and Kep, a dapper gentleman



at least part way down



In the Old Quarter of Hanoi I hired Doan to walk with me, to translate and help me identify things

He stopped occasionally to garner a puff from a local



Just been healed, praise the Lord?




No, I was strolling by, and caught her exercising



One of the more interesting beards I've seen


Vietnamese men are not very hairy



A Hoi An woman


I saw many with teeth like this

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